Builder Profile 10

Every entrepreneur wonders if they have what it takes to create or grow a successful company – it’s only natural! How would it be if you could know for sure, that you DO have what it takes? And then lean INTO these entrepreneurial talents makes much better use of your energy and time with better outcomes. Even more than that, this assessment will tell you where you need help as you build your organization. There’s nothing to be ashamed of – we all have things we like to do better than others.


Are you wondering about your business-building abilities?

Understand how you’re wired to build your business, so you can lean INTO those strong abilities of yours. Don’t worry – you have some awesome talents to build your business. But wouldn’t it be confidence building to know where you should spend your time? Listen to one of our entrepreneurial clients discuss her experience as a BP10 client: 

“I wasn’t sure that there was something unique in BP10 that I wouldn’t have uncovered in prior personality assessments. The assessment was still new and not yet well-known. Margaret reviewed my results in the context of the substantial data that has already been gathered in support of the BP10 framework. The BP10 format clearly outlines where I shine and possibly struggle as the leader of my own business. The tools available help me understand these areas of growth and opportunity while  building strategic approaches to maximize my potential and that of my business. I can better articulate my business and entrepreneurial strengths and needs for support. Using them, I can build a growth plan for my business with confidence and know what resources to work with to validate.”

Cleaning out the kitchen fridge or sink strainer doesn’t need to be where you spend your best efforts – unless you LIKE to do those things. Personally, we’d rather be Learning Gurus to people than to do these necessary chores, which makes us put them off as long as we can. But wouldn’t it be nice to know that you could hire the right person who would get a kick out of cleaning the fridge or sink strainer? That’s the power inside this assessment. Unlike Gallup’s CliftonStrengths Assessment, Gallup validates using their BP10 Assessment as a hiring tool, especially at the executive level.

Gallup’s new BP10 Assessment documented in the book, Born to Build (2018) or its earlier book on the assessment, Entrepreneurial StrengthsFinder (2014), can help you focus on your innate wiring on HOW you build your organization – and what you should lean into. From that point on, our coaching and consulting can take you places where other assessments only dream of going.

Based on decades of Gallup’s research and their Positive Psychology-based Strengths-based development, the BP10 provides business Builders the ability to discover their innate talents for starting or growing their businesses. The BP10 is reliable and predictive of individual performance based on the proven qualities of successful builders. Gallup even tested its BP10 outcomes with a number of Inc. 500 companies.

The BP10 will show your ranked results of the 10 Builder Talents, while also designating your top Alpha Builder Role inside your company – Expert, Conductor or Rainmaker. Your ability to work within your Alpha Builder Role becomes the best use of your capacity, while gaining better outcomes in terms of business growth.

But the BP10 goes further – it can identify your potential blind spots, gaps and weaknesses. Unlike Gallup’s CliftonStrengths Assessment where any of the talents can approximate others that may be lower in your ranking, business owners must account for all 10 of the Builder Talents and all three of the Alpha Builder Roles on the inside of their Executive Teams to run a successful business.

Cultural Strategies provides BP10 Team Workshops and Coaching, debriefs of Assessment Results including formulations of goal achievements, and BP10 Coaching surrounding your Performance Report. Check the information below on the CIR Report to get the EXACT metrics of your results.

Develop Your Leadership or Other Teams

Developing your Leadership Team is important, especially when there are rifts that tear you apart or stop your development as a team altogether. What starts out as a discovery document can quickly turn into a workable Team Grid of Talents. From that point on, we work together to identify key strength areas of your Team, as well where your team is weaker and has some problems.. Many times, we pair BP10 with the TeamAcumen™ Framework, Overcoming The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, or Gallup’s CliftonStrengths Assessment to accelerate Leadership Teams. Pairing these tools togethergives us the developmental fixes needed on behavioral problems that may have been years in the making.

Team development is such an important aspect of what we do, especially as we come out of our Pandemic, when we are losing valued employees and leadership team members in high numbers. Showing your leaders and employees that you care about their development may mean the difference between keeping your organization successful and running well, or losing your best talent.

We can help you align tasks, activities and projects with each person’s unique talents in mind, further increasing success and allowing team members to naturally develop their talents.

As you become more self-aware of your own Builder Talents and the talents of your teammates, your team will become more strategically integrated, able to accomplish your objectives well with less friction because they are using the team’s greatest talents in pursuit of success.

BP10 Sample Reports

View a Sample BP10 Development Report

BP10 Development Reports are only meant as the starting point of your development, not the end result. Finding out HOW you build your organization or team is only the beginning of your Builder Journey. Coaching increases the power of inside your teams. You will learn how to Discover, Develop, and Direct your Builder Talents through the coaching environment.

Click here to view a Sample BP10 Report – the beginning of Antonio’s Builder Journey.

View a Sample BP10 Coaches’ Insight Report (CIR)

We love metrics and know that you do too – especially if it’s about your own talents! As an addition to your BP10 Development Report, you can add the BP10 Coaches’ Insight Report or CIR. The CIR is a snapshot of your BP10 results on a ranked rating of each  Talent and each of the three Alpha Builder Roles  from 1 to 100. The Report also gives you two additional benchmarks:

  • Your score compared to Gallup’s Top Quartile of Builders who have taken the BP10 (signified as a small black-lined box on your Overall Talent Score, on each of the 10 Builder Talents, and each of the three Alpha Builder Roles), and
  • your score compared to Gallup’s General Population of Builders (signified as a small green bar on your Overall Talent Score, on each of the 10 Builder Talents, and on each of the three Alpha Builder Roles).

The CIR Report is most predictive of a person’s potential for excellence inside each of their Builder Talents and useful as a baseline for team development. During coaching, we not only use this report to build the potential for great excellence, but also to gauge what might need bolstering or partnering for true success. Remember – you must account for ALL Builder Talents AND ALL Alpha Builder Roles  to have the most successful team or organization.

An effective way to look at BP10 is on a Team Grid – looking for each person’s excellence, as well as where the team may falter, will give you greater ability to ear-mark tasks for team members. You want people that have the highest abilities doing the tasks associated with their talents. Especially on a leadership team, we can construct a Team Grid that benchmarks everything you need to make sense of development and excellence. 

Click here to view a Sample CIR Report – the continuation of Amelia’s Builder Journey.