Flying-Part 1: Belonging

This is a repost of something I wrote about a year ago. It didn’t have a title then, but I’d later come to understand that the series was all about the aspects of flying that we take for granted, yet have incredibly powerful undertones for Life in general. In my current study of Stoicism, I’m reading Marcus Aurelius’ Meditations, where even the Introduction is powerful and addresses this topic of “belonging.” Pneuma – the vital spirit or life force of a living, breathing creature – we all share it. Have you ever sat in a row of people (maybe in a concert) all facing the same way in front of you and watched as everyone’s breath ahead of you ebbed and flowed, together, at the same time as your own? Watch everyone’s shoulders rise and fall at the same time. It’s powerful! We partake together in this Belonging, this pneuma.

Flying – Part 1: Belonging
I’m thinking about flying and its unseen components that apply to life.

The first Part has to do with what’s called the “airside” zone, the restricted area including areas of the airport around the aircraft and connection to the terminal. Passing through that last checkpoint before boarding the plane is important – it is the final gateway to the “airside.” “Do you belong here?” asks the electronic boarding system. “Yes, I belong in Seat 17A on Flight 4557, Gate B38 at 2:57pm going to Albany, NY,” is my ticket’s response. Yes, I belong here.

We ask this question throughout life. Do I belong here? Yet so many of us reply “No, I don’t belong here!” or “No, I have incredible Imposter Syndrome.” How sad that we think we are imposters in a world in which we are the only “us” there ever will be! What a wonder you are! But we fail to show up because we are afraid. How would it be if we could know that we are right where we need to be, our tickets always checked out?

Live inside the acceptance of yourself. Live with all your foibles, fantasies, and futures. Dream big because you ARE big. DO big. Believe in yourself and what you give to the world. You matter. You haven’t even reached your fullest potential! When we give to others the gift of themselves, we give life. Because we do – belong here!

This is Pneuma.