Who We Serve

Our sweet spot is Small- to Mid-Market organizations and their Teams.

We especially serve businesses that have been in business for 10+ years.

The reason for this is three-fold:

1.    At startup, each person wears many hats, none of which may fit very well.


2.   Growing your business creates your first true teams as you blend and merge together to get things done. 


3.   At the 10-year mark, companies are stable enough to take a look at themselves as they plan for their future. 


Use this time to gain clarity:

·     Take the temperature of your teams.

     ·     Understand possible disconnects. 

·     Discover your Present State and set your sights on your Future State.


    This is where we come in.  


Case Studies and Client Outcomes

The following Case Studies show how we’ve helped our clients develop their teams or 

how we’ve helped individuals leverage their authentic talents.

Finally Understanding Each Other

Services Used: Gallup’s CliftonStrengths
The company’s personnel at every level had a hard time understanding each other. In many ways, they attributed the problems to one person thinking that if this person just left the company, everything would…

Getting Collaboration Right

Services Used: Gallup’s CliftonStrengths and Overcoming The Five Dysfunctions of a Team (Lencioni)
A Board of Directors was having problems working together. They had just hired a new Managing Director, who came from a completely different background than most of the other Directors. Many of the BOD…

Leadership Arising From Every Level

Services Used: Gallup’s BP10, Gallup’s CliftonStrengths, TeamAcumen Framework (Global Builders’ Consortium), Pretotyping (Alberto Savoia), and Conversational Intelligence (The CreatingWE Institute)
For this company, the original engagement was for Gallup’s BP10 training and was to develop the entire company to access their Builder Talents to build the company faster, better. Starting from the leadership team…

Accelerating a Startup by Discovering and Rectifying Gaps, and Getting Rid of Problematic Behavior

Services Used: Gallup’s BP10 and TeamAcumen Framework (Global Builders’ Consortium)
It had been four years this startup company had been working together. They engaged us to try help them develop their BP10 Talents, hoping to get further than they had before. They were in…

One Team!

Services Used: Gallup’s BP10 and TeamAcumen Framework (Global Builders’ Consortium)
We worked with this team for 9 months where we observed a normal learning cycle while following their development at 3-month levels. This structure consisted of a parent and child company. The parent company…

Confidence to Move Ahead

Services Used: Gallup’s BP10 and Gallup’s CliftonStrengths
When founders start companies, teams of people will help it succeed better, especially if they are in an Incubator or Accelerator program. But what happens if you’re a solopreneur? And a solopreneur in a…

Today's Workplace Issues

Everything changed during Covid, including your employees’ ability to Team together:

* Remote teams became necessary. But as Covid ramped down, employees wondered if they could remain remote.

* Hybrid teaming replaced meeting at the office every day. 

The Great Resignation – Employees’ preferences shifted from “a job” to “preferred alignment with my values.”

* Quiet Quitting – Employees working only to their perceived pay level – and no more.

* Quiet Hiring – The re-equipping of employees to gain new skills internally without outside hiring. At Cultural Strategies, we find this is the first indication of how we can blend current business practices into equipping teams of the future in Teal Organizational Paradigm. 


Why will your employees want to stay inside your organization?

Because they have Freedom! Employees really want autonomy. And only you can give them that.


But even more – they want to work with and BE IN the BEST teams. We can help you transform ANY existing team into their BEST version.

We find employee disengagement to be one of the first signs of a planned exit, even if it takes years to find their next position.  

Think Disengagement Isn't Costly?

Take a look at Bob. He’s your average disengaged employee. 

Bob dislikes where he works. He dislikes his job and his manager for not listening to him. So he clams up but vents to others who will listen to him.

He makes life miserable for himself, his managers, and his co-workers. No one wants to work with Bob because he brings everyone down with him. 

His managers don’t have a clue on how to turn him around. They wish he would just leave. 

He and the other 129 employees just like him in a typical organization of 1,000 cost their employers a boatload of money and in productivity every year. And unfortunately, it’s less costly to keep them than to fire them. 

Bob’s dilemma is all too common in our organizations. 

Truthfully, Bob would love to change all of this, but he doesn’t know how. He feels defeated. He needs you to turn the situation around. 

And once you do, he and all the other employees get so excited, they can hardly believe the changes that start happening – everywhere.