Process & Plans

For teams that seem stuck in their development, we find exactly where the pain points are and work to move beyond them.

We scientifically pinpoint the areas in which your team needs help and customize solutions to get teams out from their problem areas.

Our process

LISTEN – Our Free-to-You Gift of Time and Intuition

We start out by having a 30-minute phone call, Zoom meeting, or in-person meeting – our gift to you. Many times, clients come to us with what they think might be their teams’ problems, but we want to explore things more deeply. How you describe your team and its presenting problems are our first clues into understanding its primary obstacles to great teaming. We ask clarifying questions to dive deeper. 

Understanding your needs and the teams’ potential problem areas becomes the springboard to help it succeed.


Before we formulate a plan of action for your teams’ development, you and your team take the TeamingAcumen™ Framework Assessment to further evaluate the current state of your teams. Team members rate their team on the Assessment’s 78-questions covering anything from team norms to awareness, team decision-making to customer focus, and team agility to co-creation. Anonymity is key in the assessment to remove biases and social pressure in our evaluation.

For the best development inside your organization, it’s best for the executive team experience their own team development first. Employees hesitate to change their own teams if they don’t witness the same change in the leadership teams – you must model the change you hope for before trying to change other teams. Once you take the temperature of your own team, think about your own development, and start to make changes on the inside of the leadership team, the rest of your teams will easily follow behind you.


From our discussion on the assessment findings and your feedback, we will share with you two or three customized options for team development. These may be monthly intensive in-person workshops, or asynchronous learning with deep diving into topics that then become the focus of in-person team development workshops at different points throughout our involvement. 

Some form of in-person learning is suggested because of the need for the human interaction, and our ability to experience the teams’ initial and subsequent dynamics in person. This helps the team envision a better future and understand that it’s already within their grasp. Together, we craft a planned approach on your selected scenario.

Get Started

Based on our co-created solutions and schedules, we plan all workshop and learning activities to start our tasks with your teams.

Your input is key to our collective success. We build in checkpoints with you to discuss new information that may be helpful to your teams’ development.


Cultural Strategies, LLC offers a number of plans suited to any size organization. Because each offering is so different, we offer “Outcomes” instead of pricing because we think these are more important. Once an outcome range is selected, we prepare an estimate optimized for maximal effect within your budget.

For Most Teams

Internal Teams

3 Months minimum

Outcomes: Knowledge Parsing to Moderate Cultural Change

Cross-Functional or Mid-Level Teams

3 Months to 2 Years

Outcomes: Significant Development; the ability to hand-off projects to other teams without dropping balls, while making good use of personal talents on each side of the hand-off

Executive Teams

6 Months to 2 Years

Outcomes: Extreme Development; uses every persons’ talents to benefit the entire team. Improves the flexibility of team members in agility and co-creation; allows team to define and use “good conflict” for accomplishing Strategic Objectives while honoring the individual skills, talents, and goodness of each individual

For Enterprises and their Teams

Departmental / Divisional

May be done as a Pilot Project

3 Months minimum (depending on team size and desired outcome)

Outcomes: Knowledge Parsing to Significant Cultural Change

Whole Organization

Because each organization is different, reach out to us to discuss:

• Timeframe
• Desired outcomes
• Number of employees
• Number of inter-related groups, departments, or divisions
• Cost of services

Outcomes: Transformational!


Two Day workshop

Service: Overcoming the Five Dysfunctions of a Team

Outcomes: Switch the focus of your teams from “one-upmanship” practices into fully functioning, collaborative teams. Build trust at every level and accelerate good outcomes

Cultural Strategies, LLC’s Creed

Everything we do in Cultural Strategies is in service of helping our clients’ existing teams become the very best versions of themselves. 

We work to instill great teaming skills in every employee that will benefit your whole organization. 

Transference of these skills inside each employee also leads to constructing the best future teams. This creates superb cross-functional teams that can work on everything from projects to creating software or exploring new discoveries. 

But it can also lead to true co-creative efforts involving your current staff, your existing customers, existing vendors, outside stakeholders, and even some of your competitors to bring you bleeding edge products or services to create some of the most successful ideas and innovations.