TeamingAcumen™ Framework

The need for well-functioning teams has become the mainstay of well-functioning organizations.

Whether we’re talking about virtual, hybrid, or in-person teams, your teams’ maturity factors comprise the largest variables in your organization. Wouldn’t it be nice to get ALL your teams into their maturity sequences?

A New Era in Teaming has begun.

Team development is more than taking part in some fun games, off-site “trust exercises,” or workshops.

The team could be putting undue time and effort into something that isn’t even broken.

Would you like to know exactly how mature your teams are?

Would you like to know which team needs the most development to progress or where they get stuck?

Team development doesn’t have to be a mystery to anyone. We’ve culled together the most needed pieces of team development into our TeamingAcumen™ Framework. We’ve gathered a number of international coaches who have partnered together to bring the TeamingAcumen™ Framework to life. Based on our research and the body of knowledge surrounding teams and their development, we’ve created an assessment that can diagnose exactly where any team gets stuck. We then help them apply new developmental knowledge and practices inside their team to help fractures heal.

We’ve studied teams.

We’ve studied the current models of team development and the psychology of teaming.

In our studies we’ve identified distinctive learning that can accelerate any team toward maturity.

We’ve distilled this information into a new team maturity assessment and learning program, called the TeamingAcumen™ Framework. Our goal in developing the TeamingAcumen™ Framework was to evaluate team maturity levels and dysfunctional behaviors. After diagnosis, we guide the team through bespoke learning to develop their teaming capabilities. We fit up each individual player to continue their growth as a team member.

Want to fix your teams for good? Once we start the process, your teams will never again allow dysfunction or problems to wreck their own teaming environment, and they’ll be on the offensive to make sure the problems don’t creep back in their team.

The TeamingAcumen™ Framework contains:

  • An assessment to diagnose the team’s lowest level, highest priority problems.
  • Knowledge Learning (one or the other, or both):
    • Bespoke learning created especially for your team to fix their lowest level, highest priority problems.


    •  Workshop learning to fix the initial two problems of the team and to broaden the collective knowledge inside your team.

Because you want your most crucial team problems alleviated first, we work through a triaged effect. This gives you better results, faster. We then move onto the next critical component of your teams’ maturity, adding additional solutions after we see the team advancing in their understanding at each level.

Many times, we’re able to tackle more than one level of problems at a time by combining concepts together.

Be forewarned— your teams won’t want to go back to their old ways. And they’ll want their co-workers to experience the TeamingAcumen™ difference too.

When this tool is available, we will offer it for the first six months at a 50% discounted rate. Sign up here to be added to the Waitlist.

Now there’s a way for each of your teams to know their own level of maturity or their level of fracture. 

Will they have the ability to overcome their problems? YES!