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TeamingAcumen™ Framework, GALLUP® BP10™, and Pretotyping

Donna Jean Wilgocki Duncan, Sales Manager/Marketing Development Specialist at Hometa

Focus: TeamingAcumen Framework + Gallup’s BP10 + Pretotyping
Services: Departmental Teams, Inter-Departmental Teams, Meshing between All Teams

We were very fortunate that our company invested in their employees. Not only did I learn about my talents but I became aware of talents that I needed to focus on to become a better team member. I learned how to embrace all the different personalities within our company to become a more effective/valuable team member. You cannot put a price tag on that! For anyone questioning if this type of learning is of value, I say yes, without a doubt!

Michelle McCabe, BSN, RN at Hometa

Focus: Departmental Teams, Inter-Departmental Teams, Meshing between All Teams
Services: TeamAcumen Framework + Gallup’s BP10 + Pretotyping

“The impact of the BP10 program on the team and each individual on it, could only be remembered as a pivotal time for a growing company and a personally and professionally enlightening phase of my life. As with everything else in life, you get out what you put in. It is also true for the BP10 program. Thank you for bringing it to us/me.“

Jeff Hover, Senior Executive at PiSA Ventures

Focus: Executive Teams, Departmental Teams, Inter-Departmental Teams, Meshing between All Teams
Services: TeamAcumen Framework + Gallup’s BP10 + Pretotyping

“We were fortunate to collaborate with Margaret and Cultural Strategies as we embarked on the launch of several product lines for our medical device company, Hometa. Her unique perspective and confident, interactive approach to team building led to substantial growth and understanding of our team’s dynamics which fueled engagement at all levels. Margaret’s keen ability to an atmosphere that establishes psychological safety so that even the most reluctant team member can engage in dialogue and frank discussion is outstanding and led to some eye-opening realizations about the stages of team performance. Her thorough knowledge of the 34 individual Gallup strengths coupled with her mastery of the Gallup Builder’s program created a strong foundation for our organization where all of us couldn’t wait to apply our role as either Rainmaker, Conductor or Expert. If you are not familiar with these roles or believe that they are represented by your org chart – you have much to learn and need Cultural Strategies to help you understand how leadership can arise at all levels in your organization!

Whether your company faces a challenging goal, is struggling through “team storming”, or celebrating exceptional performance and victory, the value that your organization will gain from collaborating with Margaret and Cultural Strategies is exceptional.”

Gallup's CliftonStrengths

Anya, Individual Development

Focus: Executive and Personal Development
Services: Gallup CliftonStrengths; 6 Learning Sessions

“The only obstacle would be a cost, but I like that payments were flexible and incremental. I learned more about my personal strengths, the style I work with, the ways on how I relate to people and how people relate to me. My favorite thing from our learning sessions was the personal and very individual approach from scheduling, to discussions, and addressing specific needs I had at that time.

I would definitely recommend these services for personal and professional purposes to build on the concepts of self-awareness and strengths which are totally unique to each individual. These are completely unmatched for any two individuals. I can use these concepts in the most productive and successful ways possible for use in my workplace and with my family and friends.

I would recommend Margaret as a very successful coach; her style, knowledge, and expertise in leading sessions are truly powerful, effective and fluid with many ideas and resources. It was a great experience to have individual training with Margaret.”

K.S., C-Suite Executive in the Banking Industry

Focus: Executive Team Development
Services: CliftonStrengths + Overcoming The Five Dysfunctions of a Team; 6 Coaching Sessions

“I was very pleased with the time my coach spent working with me – not just during our sessions but through preparation and recapping our sessions. I gained valuable insight into myself, which helped me understand differences between coworkers, leaders, and people in my personal circle. I doubted that it would change my life, but it definitely has. Like many things in life, you get as much out of it as you put in. You have to do your homework and invest your time in the process to truly learn and grow. It was worth it.”

Debi Mager, Director of Mission Advancement, Christian Community Home

Focus: Executive and Personal Development
Services: CliftonStrengths; 6 Coaching Sessions

“Using CliftonStrengths Coaching, I learned ways to work with others in my department – by seeing their strengths and learning how to work WITH them. I am learning that even though I don’t have particular Strengths high up on my ranked list of talents, I can still get the same results by using other strengths. Margaret was passionate about helping me to see the good qualities I have and in helping me to learn how to make the most of my strengths.”

F.S., C-Suite Executive in the Architectural, Engineering and Construction Industry

Focus: Executive and Personal Development
Services: CliftonStrengths

“Margaret Ricci is an excellent coach who gets to the essence of who you are and inspires you to use your strengths to excel.”

W.S., Ramsey County

Focus: Executive and Personal Development
Services: CliftonStrengths; 6 Coaching Sessions

“Thank you for helping me through a very difficult time at work. I appreciated an objective listening ear and the hope that you’ve given me that already existed in my Strengths.  Hope is a beautiful thing.  I feel like I have some tools to forge ahead. Through CliftonStrengths, I found that I was a natural leader and can bring many good things into my work environment. Margaret, you are truly passionate about your work with Strengths Coaching!”

Zach McCabe, President – McCabe Chiropractic and Wellness Center

Focus: Team Development
Services: CliftonStrengths

“Margaret Ricci from Cultural Strategies facilitated three CliftonStrengths workshops at our offices and it was a tremendous success.  We went into this program with little knowledge of what ‘Strengths’ were or how to best utilize our individual talents.  By the workshop date, we had completed online material and questionnaires to help us understand where our individual strengths were, but it was the workshops themselves where the information came alive.  Margaret helped us not only unlock the potential of our own strengths for best use, but also helped us understand what our co-workers strengths were and how we could best help the entire team by working with each other’s strengths in mind as well.

In all, this experience was profoundly helpful in taking our working environment from good to great.  I would highly recommend Margaret and Cultural Strategies for a team-building workshop to boost productivity and job satisfaction or as a method of troubleshooting to root out causes of workplace inadequacy.”

Overcoming the Five Dysfunctions of a Team and GALLUP® CliftonStrengths®

Dick Hanson, Chair – Committee on Trustees, Woodbury Community Foundation

Focus: Executive Team Development
Services: CliftonStrengths + Overcoming The Five Dysfunctions of a Team

“Beautifully done, Margaret! It was a pleasure meeting you and benefiting from your style, knowledge, and experience. It was a very inspiring and timely refresher for this old Maximizer still stretching for his Maximum…but getting close! But more importantly, it was an essential experience for our WCF leadership team as it transitions from the remaining seniors to the next generation. I believe it’s on the cusp of really establishing what we’ve all worked so hard for, and I appreciate your important contribution to that achievement!”

D.E., Director and Founder of the Woodbury Community Foundation

Focus: Executive Team Development
Services: CliftonStrengths + Overcoming The Five Dysfunctions of a Team

“Margaret really puts herself into her job to make learners see, understand, and use our strengths, and recognize our weaknesses. We learned how to put the team strengths together for the good of our organization.”

R.J., Board of Directors with a Minnesota Nonprofit

Focus: Executive Team Development
Services: CliftonStrengths + Overcoming The Five Dysfunctions of a Team

“I feel the knowledge we gained from the Workshops will help us not only meet our goals but exceed them – it will help strengthen us. I think Margaret was extremely knowledgeable and did an excellent job! I would highly recommend her to other teams or organizations.”

Roger Green, Chair, Woodbury Community Foundation Board

Focus: Executive and Team Development
Services: CliftonStrengths + Overcoming The Five Dysfunctions of a Team

“Margaret Ricci crafted three sessions that carried our team through both CliftonStrengths and the Five Dysfunctions of a Team in a way that made it meaningful and useful for our future performance. The sessions gave us renewed confidence in our team and tools to deal with challenges in our interactions.” 


D.J., Senior Executive Career Changer during Covid-19

Focus: Executive and Personal Development
Services: BP10 Executive Coaching Sessions; 3 Coaching Sessions

“I was a bit hesitant to engage in the coaching sessions on account of time and resources. But taking time to focus and invest in myself was a force multiplier and brought both tangible and intangible ROIs to me!  The individual quantifiable results to my specific skills and strengths, synthesizing the power of how they work together to generate flow was the best feature I experienced during our coaching sessions. My coaching sessions also had three other benefits that I hadn’t anticipated: 1) I started thinking in a different perspective of what I could bring to an organization, 2) I wanted to start with a clean slate of building the foundation of what I can contribute to an organization on my strengths, and 3) the coaching gave me a strategic overview of myself. The assessment, the concepts, and the coaching process had a breadth and depth I’ve not seen before in other assessments and the personalized attention of Margaret was very welcome – she asks great questions! She has great passion and her knowledge of the assessment and studies that lay behind it was always in evidence. Her enthusiasm for BP10 is so evident, welcome and fun.”

Juli Lassow, Owner and Principal in JHL Solutions, LLC

Focus: BP10 Executive Coaching Sessions; 6 Coaching Sessions
Services: BP10 for Startups

“I wasn’t sure that there was something unique in BP10 that I wouldn’t have uncovered in prior personality assessments. The assessment was still new and not yet well-known. Margaret reviewed my results in the context of the substantial data that has already been gathered in support of the BP10 framework. The BP10 format clearly outlines where I shine and possibly struggle as the leader of my own business. The tools available help me understand these areas of growth and opportunity while  building strategic approaches to maximize my potential and that of my business. I can better articulate my business and entrepreneurial strengths and needs for support. Using them, I can build a growth plan for my business with confidence and know what resources to work with to validate.

Three other benefits that I found were: 1) I have greater confidence in my business-building abilities, 2) I have a better sense of how to partner with peers, mentors, and associates on how to grow my business and skillsets, and 3) I have the knowledge of a great resource to recommend to fellow entrepreneur peers to support their own business growth and their business journeys. For anyone in the process of or considering launching a business enterprise, BP10 coaching is a “must-do” activity to laser-focus you in on the unique combination of skills you must rely upon to build and grow a successful business. You’ll leave your assessment and coaching sessions with a clear understanding of the roles you are best suited to take on in your business, and what partnerships you must build. Both practical and confidence-inspiring, BP10 is a phenomenal tool supporting you to create the roadmap for your business’ future. This was an essential early exercise for me in identifying my entrepreneurial instincts and potential gaps. Hire Margaret now!”