Confidence to Move Ahead

Services Used: Gallup’s BP10 and Gallup’s CliftonStrengths

When founders start companies, teams of people will help it succeed better, especially if they are in an Incubator or Accelerator program. But what happens if you’re a solopreneur? And a solopreneur in a new consulting company with a new one-of-a-kind type of offering? It’s hard to navigate when you feel a bit more alone than with a team. How would you like to know EXACTLY how well you’re wired to start your new adventure?

This client came to us to understand how BP10 could help her as she built her business. She was intrigued with the fact that she could actually see the metrics of her talents and needed a way to help develop the talents that were already innate to her. She came from a very prestigious background with a Fortune 100 company in the Twin Cities and during her time there, she had many direct reports as well as inter-departmental teams that she worked with to accomplish her high-end role. To be honest, it was this time at the Fortune 100 company that gave her the idea for her new company and the services she saw were needed but were sorely lacking at the intersection of where her clients lived and their problems. She wanted to make sure she was paying attention to the right things as she forged her way ahead in the consulting world.

She took Gallup’s BP10 assessment and we started her development journey by meeting once every two weeks for coaching and exploring her BP10 Talents and her Alpha Builder Role. To this, we added her Gallup CliftonStrengths Talents where the two assessments interlinked well. For her journey, we met over three months to develop her Talents and abilities to create and lead her company. From her CIR report, we found that she was in the top 3% category of entrepreneurs, but she initially felt that she didn’t have what it took to make her company successful.

She was excited to see her talents unfold, so we created the path forward:

  • Principles of Positive Psychology
  • The Neuroscience of Strengths-based Development
  • Discussion of Business Challenges
  • Exploring how your Talents and Role took shape in early life
  • Understanding how they work today
  • Looking at Blind Spots and Making Plans for Fixing Them
  • Going over her CIR Report that includes the intensity metrics of all 10 Talents and all 3 Alpha Builder Roles
  • Developing and Directing Your Talents to Grow Your Business
  • She developed SMART and DUMB Goals to help in aiming her Talents at business objectives
  • She learned how to build effective relationships inside and outside her business, exploring key relationships, and determining who she needed on her Personal Board of Directors to help on many different levels
  • She created a detailed Goal Creation set of documents for three separate Goals and aligned her BP10 and CliftonStrengths Talents to help her accomplish them
  • Since she has Delegator and Independence at the No. 1 and 2 positions for her BP10 Talents, we used a 2×2 format to discover which tasks to allocate to which Talents
  • She then worked her plans, accomplishing her three separate Goals


This coaching helped her steer clear of trouble spots while accelerating her Talents in her Goal achievement.

She was able to use her Talents and Role well to speed up her company and after her coaching, has felt super confident to run her company, scale it well, and build it to the maximum! At the beginning of our coaching sessions, even though she was in the top 3% of entrepreneurs, she didn’t have the confidence to continue well. After our coaching time, and through the next two years, she has grown her company very well and had gained the confidence that she needed. So much confidence, that she presented two exceptional breakout sessions at Twin Cities Startup Week hosted by BETA.MN. That’s success!