Teal Organizational Paradigm

What we encounter as the worldwide norm in organizations today, is not what we will see in the future. 

Everything will be changing.

Our world is turning Teal, one organization at a time.

We're excited to be a part of a global movement taking the complexity out of our organizations and putting the human beings back in them.

We are becoming more "human-centric."


Frederic Laloux’s book, Reinventing Organizations, highlighted the current complexity of our business systems. Current organizations don’t have the capacity to maintain the current need and pace of innovation. We’ve unfortunately created so much complexity that we cannot continue in this vein. 

But even more than that, the human workers inside our organizations have felt devalued for years. That’s why many of them left their former employers during Covid-19 in what is now referred to as The Great Resignation. 

Many others decided to Quiet Quit their employers (working only to their paycheck level and no more). 


We have to change.

3 Breakthroughs for Teal Organizations Square


We specialize in Tenets 1 (Self-Managed Teams) and 3 (Evolutionary Purpose) of Teal Organizations. But Margaret also writes about Human Wholeness (Tenet 2) on LinkedIn and Medium. Click here to connect with or follow Margaret on LinkedIn.


Why You Might Like Teal Paradigm For Your Organization -
These Are The Normal Outcomes

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We are your Guides and Partners in "Turning Teal."

A Brief History of the book, Reinventing Organizations

Author: Frederic Laloux, 2021 Thinkers50 Index – Laloux @ #33 in 2021 Ranking/#39 in 2019 Ranking

Published: 2014, Self-Published with no PR

Research: Three years of intense, global research and meta-analysis

Copies Sold: 800,000+ (Nonfiction books selling 10,000 copies during their lifetime are considered successful; RO is Mega-Successful)

Translations: Voluntarily translated into 19 languages

Spread By: Word of Mouth, no PR

Thought of As: The most influential management book of the last decade

Organizational Shifts: From: What is broken? To: What are the possibilities?

Organizations Researched: 12 nonprofit and for profit Organizations walked Laloux through their own journeys

Employees in Each Organization: 100 minimum to 40,000+

Organizations’ Countries: Global/Multinational, France, Germany, The Netherlands, United States