Teal Organizational Paradigm

What we encounter as the norm in organizations today, is not what we will see in the future. 

Our world is changing, turning Teal one organization at a time.

We can help you get ready.

We're excited to be a part of a global movement taking the complexity out of our organizations and putting the human beings back in them.

We are becoming more human-centric.

One seemingly insignificant business management book, written by a former McKinsey Consultant, changed our world in 2014.

Frederic Laloux’s book Reinventing Organizations highlighted the current complexity of our business systems and what his consulting clients were experiencing. Contemporary organizations don’t have the capacity to maintain the current pace of innovation. We’ve unfortunately created so much complexity that we cannot continue in this vein without damaging our economies. 

But even more than that, our human workers have felt devalued for years. That’s why many of them left their employers during Covid-19 in what is now referred to as “The Great Resignation,” and moved on to new employers that align more with their own value systems. 

Many others decided to Quiet Quit their employers; working only to the level of their paychecks and no more. 

For decades, our organizations have been intuiting this new change, but no one had assembled the research into a form that could be understood easily— Until Laloux

Laloux’s book outlines our development as humans from hunter-gatherers to today’s modern and complex systems, but is especially focused on how we work in organizations. To do this effectively, he used a color-coded system that brings in the philosophies of our times and pairs them with 20th Century thought leaders such as Clare Graves, Don Beck, and Christopher Cowan (Spiral Dynamics); Ken Wilbur (Integral Theory); and Otto Scharmer (Theory U), or the Total Quality Management Movement led initially by Walter Shewhart and W. Edwards Deming.

Laloux compares and contrasts the multiple paradigms we’ve been working under for the last 100,000 years. How we work as human beings has continued to match our human development throughout these periods.

“The future cannot be determined. It can only be experienced as it is occurring. Life doesn’t know what it will be until it notices what it has become.”

Writer, Teacher, Speaker, and Management Consultant, Margaret Wheatley, A Simpler Way 

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