Overcoming the Five Dysfunctions of a Team (Lencioni)

I recently found out that some of my infographics are making the rounds online, which is always fun to see. Thanks to both Dr Suzanne Henwood and David McLean, MA (Leadership) CHRL for broadening the reach of Patrick Lencioni‘s The Five Dysfunctions of a Team. Since I teach the Workshops regularly, I thought I might recreate the infographic again because 1) I’ve gotten better at making them, 2) I found it didn’t necessarily need to be in the pyramid shape and therefore, could readjust the font size and graphics better, and 3) the first version was too hard to see with my old 40+-year-old eyes. So, with bows to all three people, I thought I’d share my newer rendition of the infographic. Thank you all for sharing with your people networks and helping us have great discussions that help our teams mature.

Dr Suzanne Henwood Thank you for the shout-out on the infographic. I thought I would treat you to the newer version of it – a little easier on the eyes for us older human beings. The Foundational Level of Absence of Trust is still the same. We cannot move higher on the levels until this is established or at least in the process of true establishment. Great discussion here!