Reboot Leaders

How have you handled the last 18 months in your business? It’s been a rocky road for most COOs that we talk with. Thinking the crisis will end soon and we can get back to normal is the wrong way of thinking and readjusting ourselves after this world crisis. As Merete Wedell-Wedellsborg discusses in this excellent Harvard Business Review article, we can learn lessons from the new type of “reboot leaders” we are seeing today.

Our crisis has changed us as teams:

* We’ve been given a taste of flexibility

* Co-Creation has taken the driver’s seat instead of competition and rivalry

* We want to get rid of “rote” and get into “enlivening”

* We’ve challenged our sense of purpose and self-identity in our organizations

“It’s as if the masks of corporate life have fallen.” 

Find out how “reboot leaders” have tackled these emotional and psychological changes in their teams by using energy ripples, renewing psychological contracts, and cultivating good drama to accelerate their teams out of the crisis – and usher in the new, reconstructive environment of business.