“I wholeheartedly recommend Margaret Ricci, MBA, CEO of Cultural Strategies, as an awesome Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach. Margaret’s enthusiasm for the CliftonStrenghts system is well-founded. It is a powerful tool that is helping me to capitalize on my strengths and be more effective in achieving my personal and professional goals. In addition to her thorough knowledge of the system, what I appreciated most about Margaret was her excitement over my growing understanding. Her affirmation of my personal insights set up a positive feedback loop, encouraging me to dig even deeper and to drive my effectiveness through application of the Strengths methodology.

During my Strengths coaching sessions, I loved the process of naming and claiming my personal strengths. I was surprised to find that who I am can be expressed in terms of specific strengths. Finding that because my dominant themes are clustered in one area, I am said to have “super powers” was quite empowering. Around the same time period as my coaching sessions, I had an extremely challenging task fall to me by virtue of my position on a Board. At first, I cast about for reasons that I should not have to accomplish the task at all. But when I analyzed it from a Strengths perspective, I realized that I was the very best person to face that challenge because I possess all the skills needed to accomplish it.

CliftonStrengths Coach Margaret Ricci is knowledgeable, creative in her teaching approaches and assignments for me, and an awesome cheerleader. She made each session and homework assignment an opportunity to delve deeper and to claim new learning. She is truly a gifted teacher and coach.”