“I was a bit hesitant to engage in the coaching sessions on account of time and resources. But taking time to focus and invest in myself was a force multiplier and brought both tangible and intangible ROIs to me!  The individual quantifiable results to my specific skills and strengths, synthesizing the power of how they work together to generate flow was the best feature I experienced during our coaching sessions. My coaching sessions also had three other benefits that I hadn’t anticipated: 1) I started thinking in a different perspective of what I could bring to an organization, 2) I wanted to start with a clean slate of building the foundation of what I can contribute to an organization on my strengths, and 3) the coaching gave me a strategic overview of myself. The assessment, the concepts, and the coaching process had a breadth and depth I’ve not seen before in other assessments and the personalized attention of Margaret was very welcome – she asks great questions! She has great passion and her knowledge of the assessment and studies that lay behind it was always in evidence. Her enthusiasm for BP10 is so evident, welcome and fun.”