“We were fortunate to collaborate with Margaret and Cultural Strategies as we embarked on the launch of several product lines for our medical device company, Hometa. Her unique perspective and confident, interactive approach to team building led to substantial growth and understanding of our team’s dynamics which fueled engagement at all levels. Margaret’s keen ability to an atmosphere that establishes psychological safety so that even the most reluctant team member can engage in dialogue and frank discussion is outstanding and led to some eye-opening realizations about the stages of team performance. Her thorough knowledge of the 34 individual Gallup strengths coupled with her mastery of the Gallup Builder’s program created a strong foundation for our organization where all of us couldn’t wait to apply our role as either Rainmaker, Conductor or Expert. If you are not familiar with these roles or believe that they are represented by your org chart – you have much to learn and need Cultural Strategies to help you understand how leadership can arise at all levels in your organization!

Whether your company faces a challenging goal, is struggling through “team storming”, or celebrating exceptional performance and victory, the value that your organization will gain from collaborating with Margaret and Cultural Strategies is exceptional.”