“I wasn’t sure that there was something unique in BP10 that I wouldn’t have uncovered in prior personality assessments. The assessment was still new and not yet well-known. Margaret reviewed my results in the context of the substantial data that has already been gathered in support of the BP10 framework. The BP10 format clearly outlines where I shine and possibly struggle as the leader of my own business. The tools available help me understand these areas of growth and opportunity while  building strategic approaches to maximize my potential and that of my business. I can better articulate my business and entrepreneurial strengths and needs for support. Using them, I can build a growth plan for my business with confidence and know what resources to work with to validate.

Three other benefits that I found were: 1) I have greater confidence in my business-building abilities, 2) I have a better sense of how to partner with peers, mentors, and associates on how to grow my business and skillsets, and 3) I have the knowledge of a great resource to recommend to fellow entrepreneur peers to support their own business growth and their business journeys. For anyone in the process of or considering launching a business enterprise, BP10 coaching is a “must-do” activity to laser-focus you in on the unique combination of skills you must rely upon to build and grow a successful business. You’ll leave your assessment and coaching sessions with a clear understanding of the roles you are best suited to take on in your business, and what partnerships you must build. Both practical and confidence-inspiring, BP10 is a phenomenal tool supporting you to create the roadmap for your business’ future. This was an essential early exercise for me in identifying my entrepreneurial instincts and potential gaps. Hire Margaret now!”