“Margaret Ricci from Cultural Strategies facilitated three CliftonStrengths workshops at our offices and it was a tremendous success.  We went into this program with little knowledge of what ‘Strengths’ were or how to best utilize our individual talents.  By the workshop date, we had completed online material and questionnaires to help us understand where our individual strengths were, but it was the workshops themselves where the information came alive.  Margaret helped us not only unlock the potential of our own strengths for best use, but also helped us understand what our co-workers strengths were and how we could best help the entire team by working with each other’s strengths in mind as well.

In all, this experience was profoundly helpful in taking our working environment from good to great.  I would highly recommend Margaret and Cultural Strategies for a team-building workshop to boost productivity and job satisfaction or as a method of troubleshooting to root out causes of workplace inadequacy.”