Being Ourselves – Being New – New Paradigms

There is great beauty in this world when we work in service of it.

Lean into yourself!

I always thought that I had to hide,
to be myself.

I tried to hide the fact that I was heavy
(I couldn’t!).

I hid the fact that I had brains (but
maybe not the “right kind” of brains).

I hid the fact that I wasn’t gorgeous,
or young,
or seasoned.

Now, I’ve finally found the strength and power of authenticity; in being older in this year of my life; and in just being me. I found I could give my best goodness to others by just being real.

And I love it. Too much of life is spent trying to be
something or someone we can never be.

Can’t we just be ourselves?
How about we lend to others our small little puzzle piece that fits neatly into our global puzzle? Just for a moment – or a lifetime – whichever is needed.

How about we do more than what we think we can because we are more powerful than anything that we have even yet imagined?

And now – some seemingly disparate thoughts and a sharp shift in gears (which will be discussed more in the coming weeks):
* Why do we settle for following the world’s current recipes for organizations?
* Or the world’s definition of success?

Who made up these models anyway?

Who gave them the authority to become the silent standards?

We did – while we weren’t looking.

But now, we ARE looking!

Global Covid,

and social unrest have helped us look at them and want to reshape them.


How can we become better? What is at risk?

Our organizations can become truly human.

This can then inform the business model changes that are right around the corner for us. We are more human than our current standards. We can unleash the human potential inside our organizations by creating them to be “Human-centric.” This is the movement toward Teal.

Know your worth; know the importance that
you bring to our World. Be the person you were created to be, in this space. Right now.

Don’t let someone take or misuse your light or
strength. Or plug you into something where it is not a joy for you to be involved.

You are the most exquisite version of yourself that you could ever be, even if you are hurting today. And if you are hurting, hold yourself carefully – this time of pain will pass, while adding things you never thought possible to your life. Good things. Character-building things. Hard-fought and hard-won strength you never had before.
Become. You.

You were made for more.
Let this have its natural ending, that wonderful “giving back of yourself” to humanity that you so long to give.

And don’t withhold that goodness from yourself – you, of all people, need it the most. How can you give your light to others if you withhold it from yourself first?
Lean into you.
Live as if humanity needs you – because we do.

In the coming days, join me as we look at the new business paradigm that unites both personal and organizational evolution and wellbeing.