Intuiting our Futures

A little over three years ago, I answered the call of the next step in my intuitive future as I worked with the then-CEO, Bill Shepard, and EVP, Laura Weikle of the COO Forum® to create the first-ever physical chapter of the Twin Cities COO Forum here in Minneapolis and St. Paul. It was a labor of love at first – because I’d been a COO myself, I knew the power of this group of wonderful professionals to help solve one another’s problems – but it quickly grew to admiration as I stepped into our meetings together. What brains these COOs have – what business acumen – and what friendship they gave each other as they walked along those same roads – always together!

Then came Covid. And morphing our meetings into a virtual state. We didn’t miss a beat but continued sharing
problems, brains, solutions, and friendship. We were there for each other and you could see the “evolution of Covid” through our eyes.

And then came today…
I am answering a call I never thought I would. I am intuiting a space that feels bigger than I am able to inhabit. And so, I had to make the hard decision to step away from the COO Forum. Today was my last day as Chapter Director of the Twin Cities Chapter. I’ve held my last meeting and we got to meet the new Chapter Director, Julian C. Johnson, together. It is bittersweet for sure, but even that word says that the sweetness stays with us. These wonderful COOs bring all of their extreme selves to our meetings and their organizations every month, and I’ve been privileged and grateful to be a “fly on the wall” of their discussions. I know that’s how Julian will feel too! He will be the most wonderful Chapter Director ever! Welcome, Julian, and thank you for intuiting your own future in this great organization!

Thank you, COOs, new CEO, Chuck Orzechowski, and other Chapter Directors, for your friendship, comradeship, and wonderful thinking! You are
always in my heart.