Namaste – I Meet with You on Behalf of Humanity

Our world:
At once so powerful and beautiful, and yet conscious of itself and its global problems.

We are seeing changes inside its consciousness levels that bring together disparate pieces of our world that we never thought possible:
* The effect of Covid throughout the world and our ever-increasing webs of connection
* The effect of bigotry on humanity and the world trying to continue its growth toward equality
* The effect of global climate change around the world and on the connected changes that we are seeing
* The effect of opening humanity up in more ways than we can completely understand

So many things are happening in many different spheres that have created an awareness of ourselves as we try to mature from younger versions of ourselves:
* Going Green
* Social Enterprises
* Under-represented People Groups
* Gearing Up for Gen Z and the emergence of Generation Alpha
* The Great Resignation
* Quiet Quitting

These topics are where we start – the burgeoning tendencies of the next business generations of our world to take into account what we have lost. For so many years, the knowledge and feeling of alone-ness and game-playing inside our organizations made us conscious of the harm we have done to the Humans inside them.

The rise in the value of Human-Centricity is apparent in our new views of life.

And now, there is a dawning realization that we’ve reached some of the end-marks of our current organization models as we take to heart that business is accomplished by humans, for humans – and yet, we’ve taken them out of the equation almost entirely.

What we have lacked, Human-Centricity, is now becoming the next phase of our combined organizational evolution and indeed, the next phase of our Human Consciousness. There is a new dawn beginning worldwide; a breath of fresh air, a brilliant shining light that beckons us to come to its glow, and learn how to navigate inside its dazzling light. Do we dare?

Join me as we look at Teal Organizations during Twin Cities Startup Week #tcsw2022, Wed, Sept 21st at 11:30a-12:15n at FINNEGANS SBC.