Teal Friday

My passion and life purpose are encapsulated in my hair. As strange as that sounds, every time I look in the mirror I’m reminded why I’m on this earth – to help organizations and people learn about teal Organizational Paradigm. My two little streaks of teal hair are my freedom to be me and own my wholeness (well, I guess I have to count my tennis shoes as another part of my wholeness, too).

For the last two years, I’ve also made sure that I’ve worn something teal on Fridays. I called them “Teal Fridays” – another way to make sure I’m living my purpose. And now, I have a compatriot to share our Teal journeys together – Milena Higgins. I first met Milena at our COO Forum®Twin Cities Chapter Formation Meeting in 2019. She was one of our first 14 members and what a Power BI Guru she turned into! She led us in a Discovery Session of Microsoft’s powerbi that was quite extraordinary! Never did I imagine what ultimate power we have at our fingertips that can transform simple inputs into pure knowledge to help run our organizations! With her new role as the Chief Technology Officer at Cloud Court, Inc., it was time to catch up with Milena again to hear her story.

And because Milena’s heart is bound to Teal philosophy too (it’s also her favorite color!), we decided to make it officially “Teal Friday!” So, with both of our funky hairstyles and our favorite Teal tops, we made a Caribou Coffee very “teal” today! Come, join us in a Teal Friday sometime! Capture the “new new” of organizations that are free to be themselves, value humanity, and evolve within their purposes. Add pics!