We’re at a difficult place when it comes to employee retention right now. At the COO Forum, we’ve been tracking the problems COOs are having in this area. More than any other topic, the two things our Twin Cities COOs talk about every month are: 1) how to keep their great culture alive and not lose it, and how to ramp it up during Covid, and 2) the inability to recruit qualified personnel, leaving many positions unfilled.

This article from Harvard Business Review‘s and Humu‘s Liz Fosslien show some ways of helping you keep your great culture alive and making sure that your teams thrive together and not leave you for possible “greener pastures.”

It also highlights one of the ways we created stronger teams in a recent training that we had with one of our clients. In the middle of a learning module, we asked the question of the team: “What is Sarah the ‘Go-To’ for?” It was an innocent question, but what transpired after that was pure magic. Each person told what they valued about each other, one after the other, starting with Sarah. The emotional connection of the team sky-rocketed! Their ways of collaboration and cohesion accelerated. The glow in the room was evident – and when we went back to the tasks at hand, this team had a renewed ability to lend their own gifts to each other, expanding the team’s capabilities.

Let some of HBR’s and Humu’s thoughts take root in your own cultures. Growing together is what accelerates your teams.