The Gift

During a down-sizing due to an industry-wide problem, I was part of our layoff. It was a deeply painful experience since I was part of the leadership team that had to help make the decisions to lay off valuable employees. During my healing time, I used Steve Dalton‘s 2-Hour Job Search book for the methodology of how to get my next position. Steve describes three types of people: 1) Curmudgeons (people who ignore you), 2) Obligates (people who grudgingly give you a short interview and maybe pass you along to one – and only one – other person), and 3) Boosters (people who know your value and make it their personal aim to help you get your next job). When you get a Booster to help you get a new position, you’ll know!

Of these categories, I had two Boosters, one of whom I’ll never forget, David Rau, then at a major construction company in Minneapolis. David was the Gift to me as described in the post. He made sure my resume was clear and perfect, and also got me acquainted with eight other wonderful top decision-makers. His Gift to me was his belief in me when I didn’t believe in myself. I’ll never forget that – and I always want to have the ability to be a Booster to others, just the same way David was to me. Knowing the Gift – and being it to others is the way Humanity should work. Thank you again, and forever, David – thank you for being the Gift to me.